Nicki Minaj Addresses Alleged Cocaine Use On IG Live

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to address rumors that she has been using drugs.

The Trinidadian rapper went Live on Instagram Thursday, May 13, to promote her Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape, which dropped moments after she ended the Live session. Her Barbz showered their queen with love, and she reciprocated with promises of new material, among other things. Nicki Minaj was full of life and optimism as she spoke about what is to come. It turns out that was not the only observation made by fans. Some Instagram users speculated that the rapper was sniffing consistently throughout her Live and concluded that she was on drugs.

The “Anaconda” rapper went Live again earlier today (May 14) to deny the rumors, reiterating that she has never used coke.

“I don’t know if it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be embarrassed about any f**king drugs I did, that’s why I talk about the motherf**kin drugs I do in my motherf**king music. Always have, always f**king will,” She said.

“If I’m off em, I’m off em child, but I want to make this clear so open everybody’s ears, clear your ears out. I have never, ever in my life with my hands on Jesus Christ, and y’all know how I feel about my Lord and savior. Never in my life, ever, not even once sniffed coke. Ever,” She clarified.

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The “Moment 4 Life” rapper went on to explain that she was sniffing throughout her Live because of her allergies. She adds that her natural body temperature is lower than the average person, according to her doctor, and this causes her to feel colder than everyone else. In addition, she says she also gets sick very easily, which is why she has always refrained from using drugs like that. She explained that she actually doesn’t judge persons who snort cocaine.

“I have a lot of friends, or acquaintances in the industry who do coke. I don’t judge them for it but I’ve never tried it, never wanted to, never asked them to,” She declared.

The rapper added, “Especially in the fashion world, that’s so common and normal, but yes… That’s the thing, when people used to lie about me I never used to clear my name and there was someone who took a major step and told that lie to people and I never addressed it because I thought it was too ridiculous at the time to address but something just told me to now.”

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Soulja Boy faces lawsuit for allegedly beating pregnant ex-girlfriend into miscarriage

Soulja Boy steps out with new mystery girlfriend amid a sexual assault lawsuit filed by his ex.

The SODMG rapper is being sued by an alleged ex-girlfriend who claims she suffered a miscarriage after she was badly beaten by the rapper. The lawsuit was filed under the pseudonym Jane Doe, as the woman did not wish to reveal her identity. The anonymous ex-girlfriend is reportedly claiming that she was a victim of domestic violence for years during her relationship with the “Crank That” rapper. What made her cup overflow was the alleged loss of her child in 2015 by the hands of her former lover.

The woman claims that Soulja Boy became violent and irate and began punching her in the face and chest until she could not manage to stand. She explains that after falling to the ground due to the impact of his attack, she curled her body to protect her stomach and the child she was carrying while covering her head with her hands. Soulja allegedly continued his abuse by kicking her all over her body and in her stomach, after which she suffered a miscarriage.

The unnamed woman also made reference to other violent attacks carried out by the rapper. She claims that in 2017, Soulja went into another violent rage because he thought she was leaving him. During that incident, she received blows to her face and her breasts. The incident was so severe that the rapper’s security guard had to step in to put an end to the beatdown.

Another incident in 2018 allegedly occurred while the rapper was filming a reality TV series. She says this incident, which was another conversation that turned violent, was caught on the night vision camera. The incident, which was aired on the WeTV network in early 2019, documents the rapper yelling at her during the attack.

The yearly attacks continued in 2019 when Soulja threatened her life as he “tightly gripped” her neck and choked her. This took place after she refused his efforts to revitalize the relationship following her decision to move out of the home she shared with the rapper. These incidents were amplified by the numerous threats the rapper dished out if there was any refusal to have sex.

The woman is now reportedly suing for assault, gender violence, sexual battery, and more. Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, has had several legal issues over the years, from firearm possession to violating his probation to assaulting a former assistant. The assistant had claimed that Soulja Boy was repeatedly abusive, which the rapper denied.

Soulja Boy has since responded in some tweets he has since deleted. He also shared this photo of himself with a mystery female before quickly deleting it.

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J. Cole’s Freestyle Earned Him Some Backlash For This Bill Cosby Line

J. Cole kicked off his return to music with a fire freestyle but it didn’t come without controversy.

The Carolina native may have been missing from the scene for a bit, but he clearly didn’t take any time off. J. Cole is the type of rapper who probably writes bars in his sleep, so it was no surprise when he dropped by The LA Leakers to deliver a couple of flawless freestyles over some throwback tracks.

When presented with the instrumentals for Souls of Mischief’s “93 Til Infinity”, Cole didn’t hesitate to pour out his honey smooth flow, quickly getting to the real point—explaining that he knows he’s the best, even if he doesn’t always get the accolades he deserves.

“This is chess better check your board/Who gave the world more fire but got less reward?” he rhymes. “No stress, my only guess is that less is more/More or less, hundred G’s in my dresser drawer.”

He goes on to reference his lavish lifestyle and womanizing tendencies, not untypical of many rap lyrics. However, what is untypical is Cole’s highly elevated wordplay and use of clever callbacks and complicated rhyme schemes.

“Walking contradiction, my description,” he spits, accurately pointing out his ability to be both stereotypical and entirely unique at the same time.

J. Cole goes on to deliver another freestyle that shows off his fast-rapping skills. Although he isn’t necessarily known as one of the quickest spitting rappers in the game, he definitely has flows in his arsenal that would get many other rappers tongue-tied. Rapping over the slow southern beat for Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin”, J. Cole expertly juxtaposes the track’s drawl with a rapid-fire verse that addresses the many ways in which he sets himself apart from other popular rappers, as well as his gratitude for how far he’s come.

For good measure, Cole also throws in a Bill Cosby reference that manages to be cringeworthy and genius at the same time.

Luckily for J. Cole fans, the rapper has much more to offer following these freestyles. His sixth studio album, The Off Season, drops Friday, May 14th.

That Bill Cosby bar my godddd @JColeNC

— Maxaveli (@TurntuptotheMAX) May 12, 2021

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Teejay Taps Gyptian & Bremmy FZ – “Uptop Wine (Wine for Me)”

Teejay and Gyptian link up for a new party anthem.

Summer is on, so call up a friend! Unsure of just how to spend your time during the lockdown this summer? Teejay, Gyptian, and Bremmy FZ have teamed up for a laidback, melody-filled song and video which explains just how to ensure those hot summer days are filled with loads of fun.

The Uptop Boss and Gyptian make a luxurious house/villa their adult playground. The handful of natural-bodied females parading around the venue engage in everything from a game of pool to chillin’ by the pool. Island themes, button-downs, shorts, bikinis, and drinks flowing in abundance mark the order of the day, and the men behind the lends, David P, and director Angelo B capture every moment of it.

While summer is known for its numerous parties and outdoor events, that may not be the reality for Jamaica in 2021. The island, which is revered for its laidback attitude and musical offerings, has been experiencing islandwide curfews for more than a year as the deadly Covid-19 virus rages on. One thing that cannot be denied is the warm feeling you get whenever it is summertime. Teejay, Gyptian, and Bremmy FZ are searching for that and more from their female counterparts in this Towerhill Records Production.

You can view the music video for this summer fling playbook below.

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JetsonMade Explains Why He Turned Down Rihanna For J. Cole

Producer JetsonMade explains why he opted to work with J. Cole instead of Rihanna.

Many of music’s biggest producers would have possibly sold a kidney to secure a collaboration with Rihanna, but not JetsonMade. The young beatmaker
recently revealed that when the bad gal summoned him, he decided to pass on the opportunity, opting to work with J. Cole instead.

JetsonMade was chatting it up on a recent interview when he made the big reveal.

“I was really supposed to go work with Rihanna. I swear to god, I skipped out on that shit to go work with Cole,” he said before showing love to both parties. “Shout out to Rihanna though, I hope we can get in there. It was more personal. Cole reached out to me personally, I was at this man’s house, like, f**k that, I’m going with this n***a.”

Jetson has been making extensive strides in his career over the last couple of years through his work with DaBaby, having produced the rapper’s breakout single “Suge.” His credits now include the likes of “What’s Poppin,” which featured Jack Harlow, as well as work from Roddy Ricch, Playboi Carti, and Youngboy Never Broke Again.

J. Cole is considered one of the industry’s greatest song writers, and with the release of his latest album only days away, the spotlight is firmly on the “Workout” rapper. Jetson has also been cast into the limelight for his work on Cole’s recent release “Lion King On Ice.”

100% true story lol one of the toughest decisions we had to make. But shoutout to @KingOfQueenz and @JColeNC, go stream Lion King On Ice rn!

— TP (@OGxTP) May 9, 2021

Many have applauded the 23-year-old producers for his recent accomplishment. However, they felt that a RiRi collab would have been more impactful to his career and could possibly help with breaking into the Pop realm. Still, others have hinted that while this means that Rihanna is working on new music and could be releasing her R9 project, it doesn’t guarantee that his production would be selected from the many others on her chopping block.


— jetsonmade (@jetsonmade) May 11, 2021

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Lil Uzi Vert & JT Heats Up The Cover Of Arena Homme +’s, Fans React

Lil Uzi Vert and JT only recently went public with their romance, but the rappers are now ready to flaunt their relationship with a sexy photoshoot. 

Posing for a new magazine cover, the couple appeared on Arena Homme+ in their underwear. The picture shows JT lovingly stroking Uzi’s chest and stomach as she gazes up at him with adoration. Lil Uzi Vert, on the other hand, wears a digitally enhanced diamond on his forehead and a look of vague confusion. While the picture was a big step for their relationship, the cover seems to have inspired more questions than congratulations.

The first and most obvious detail of the photograph that has fans confused is the unrealistic height difference between Uzi and JT.  Uzi is known to be fairly short, maybe only a few inches taller than JT. However, the photo makes him out to be at least a foot taller than his girlfriend. Fans spotted the difference immediately, posting the glaring question, “What they got him standing on?”

Other people were too distracted by Uzi’s face to notice the height debacle. He does appear to have a dumbfounded expression and his face almost seems out of place entirely.  “Why it look like they photo shopped his head on his body,” asked one person.  “He couldn’t make another face,” remarked another.

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The somewhat odd picture was not the only published photo from the Homme+ shoot, however.  The fashion magazine also featured a closeup of Uzi, a rapper who has earned his title as a hip hop fashion icon.

It is not uncommon for rappers to receive criticism when they venture into the world of high fashion, and this may just be another instance of a visual aesthetic flying over the heads of some music fans.  Either way, JT and Uzi seem to be lucky in love and there is nothing wrong with showing off their good fortune.

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Saweetie and Quavo Escapes Charges In Elevator Fight Case

Saweetie and Quavo won’t be charged in their domestic violence case.

An investigation into the fight between Quavo and Saweetie has been closed as the police will not be formally laying charges on either of the two, TMZ reported. A video of the elevator altercation that hit the internet after Saweetie announced that the two were no longer a couple caused concern among viewers that Quavo was abusive and that the relationship was toxic.

The video showed the two had an altercation as Saweetie grabbed a bag and Quavo tried to yank it from her. The fight continued as a pull and tugged for a few more seconds before Saweetie is dragged and flung to a corner of the elevator as she appears stunned, and Quavo looked up to the elevator camera.

However, while neither of the two reported the incident, police had announced it was concerned by the video and launched an investigation. The police were reported as saying they wanted to speak to both Saweetie and Quavo about the incident.

However, both of them addressed the situation as they seemed focused on moving on. In a statement, Quavo says, “We had an unfortunate situation almost a year ago that we both learned and moved on from. I haven’t physically abused Saweetie and have real gratitude for what we did share overall.”

Saweetie also released a statement that addressed the relationship to corroborate what Quavo said. While both artists have made a concerted effort to move on, it seems that they are physically done but not lyrically, as both have continued to throw shots at each other in their music.

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Yungeen Ace Details His Encounter With 6ix9ine At His Show

Yungeen Ace is continuing to deny that he had a run-in backstage with fellow rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine during the rapper’s concert.

In and Instagram live stream with DJ Akademiks, 6ix9ine claimed that Florida rapper Yungeen Ace was backstage his show in Miami last week. 6ix9ine also claimed that the rapper, who he’s had beef with, walked right by him and did not step to him.

The beef between the two first started when Yungeen Ace called out Tekashi 6ix9ine for snitching and said he didn’t respect him. Ace did make a point, however, that he would work with 6ix9ine if given the opportunity as it was just business. Needless to say, the comment didn’t sit well with Tekashi, who was recently released from prison after serving a reduced sentence in exchange for his testimony which implicated several members of his former gang.

Speaking in the interview with DJ Akademiks, Tekashi said, “F*ck all that. Yungeen Ace was at my show yesterday. F*ck all of the things that we talking about. Street rappers were at my show yesterday. If they want the static, I was there. He was at the show. He was backstage, he seen me, everything.”

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A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akademiks)

The “Who I Smoke” rapper responded to Tekashi on his Instagram story, sharing the post with 6ix9ine’s claim and writing, “Mann dis ni**a so cap bra [laughing emoji]..wdf.”

Yungeen Ace’s denial story was sadly short-lived, as DJ Akademiks, who the rapper has also had beef with, later dug up a photo that showed the rapper was indeed at the Trillerfest event where Tekashi performed.

Yungeen Ace later explained the encounter in a live stream, saying he did see Tekashi, but the encounter did not quite happen how 6ix9ine said it did.

In the video, Ace said, “that ni**a was scared as f**k man.. then the nigga said he ain’t know me but he seen me in there. These ni**as trippin. This ni**a was in a car. This ni**a rolled past only time I seen this guy.”

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Ace went on to say that Tekashi was masked up, with his chains tucked, and he was basically hiding in his car.

Fans have since been calling out Ace, stating that he’s a straight-up liar. One user commented, “Thought he wasn’t there?” while another added, “You said you never seen him.”

On the other hand, one Tekashi 6ix9ine supporter declared, “THEY ALL TALK HOT ON THE INTERNET BUT CAN’T EVEN TOUCH HIM IN REAL LIFE.”

Fans are now anxiously awaiting 69’s response to the ‘he said, he said’ saga.

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Fans Reacts To Jay-Z Reflecting His Regrets About “Big Pimpin” In 2010

Comments by Jay-Z in a 2010 interview have gone viral that the rapper “regrets” the lyrics in his single “Big Pimpin’.”

However, while many news outlets ran with the headlines, it seems that those comments are misconstrued from an old interview by Jay-Z done in 2010. Of course, of late, most of the news about Jay-Z surrounds his business acumen and financial moves, including the latest sale of his share in Tidal to Jack Dorsey’s Square.

He has also been trending on Twitter for his performance on DJ Khaled’s latest album “Khaled Khaled’. Now, it seems that fans are concerned that the rapper could be regretting the lyrics to one of his biggest singles at the heights of his career.

One news article on the internet said the rapper “regretted” his Big Pimpin’ lyrics. It cited Beyonce’s husband and father of three, saying he can’t believe he said those things. However, at no point did Jay-Z ever say that. The internet was abuzz with discussions about the purported “regrets” as they proclaimed their love for the song.

However, the interview that the news article actually referred to is one done in 2010 with the Wall Street Journal in which Jay-Z talked about his book Decoded as well as his songwriting skills. At no point did he ever say he regretted making the song or using those lyrics, a dedicated fan page pointed out.

It added that HOV has also performed the songs many times over the past years since the song’s release.

A snippet of the interview online was posted where the Wall Street Journal asked Jay-Z, “you’re famous for not writing your lyrics down as you compose them. What changes about them when you see them on the page like this?”

Jay-Z is then quoted replying: “Some [lyrics] become really profound when you see them in writing. Not ‘Big Pimpin’. That’s the exeption. It was like I can’t believe I said that. And kept saying it. What kind of animal would say this sort of thing? Reading it is really harsh,” he said.

It appears that Jay-Z was saying he was shocked at seeing the lyrics actually on paper. But while some were quick to call the rapper misogynistic for the lyrics, others instead focused on the fact that he did not, in fact, say he regrets them as was reported by the online news publication.

Meanwhile, some fans praised the song as one of the biggest rap tunes ever made, while some also condemned the rapper for the lyrics, which seemed to promote the ill-treatment of women.

This is #ClickBait

This is being reported as new when it's actually from a 2010 Wall Street Journal interview where JAY-Z talked about his book Decoded and his songwriting. No where did he say he regrets making "Big Pimpin'"

He has performed the song countless times since then

— JAY-Z Daily (@JAY_Z_Daily) May 3, 2021

Honestly prefer big pimpin Jay-z over financial literacy Jay-z

— art doll ? (@meowmanifesto) May 3, 2021

Jay-Z is 51 year old married father of 3 kids, it makes sense for him to regret Big Pimpin. It’s still my favorite hit single from him though.

— Dedee ? (@thoughtfulbae) May 3, 2021

Relax. Big Pimpin will be played at my wedding.

— Taylor. (@Tater_Tottt) May 3, 2021

According to Genius here is a portion of Jay-Z’s verse on “Big Pimpin.”

You know I thug ’em, f*** ’em, love ’em, leave ’em
‘Cause I don’t f***in’ need ’em
Take ’em out the hood, keep ’em lookin’ good
But I don’t f***in’ feed ’em
First time they fuss I’m breezin’
Talkin’ bout, “What’s the reasons?”
I’m a pimp in every sense of the word, bitch
Better trust than believe ’em
In the cut where I keep ’em
‘Til I need a nut, ’til I need to beat the guts
Then it’s, beep beep and I’m pickin’ ’em up
Let ’em play with the dick in the truck
Many chicks want to put Jigga fist in cuffs
Divorce him and split his bucks
Just be’cause you got good head, I’m a break bread
So you can be livin’ it up?

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Govana And Fivio Foreign Link Up For A “Movie”

Govana and Fivio Foreign drop the visual for their new collaboration, “Movie.”

While Jamaica remains under curfew, the dancehall hitmaker traveled to Brooklyn to shoot the video with fast-rising New York rapper Fivio Foreign. The JLShotThat-directed cut saw Govi pulling up to a block party where Fivio and his crew were enjoying refreshments with plenty of females strutting their stuff. The cut was shot last month, and the two artists have been teasing it over the past several weeks.

“See me out with me army we do this all day / Nineties to conace nah say floss yeah / Hallow tip in a the cartridge fi the 40 / Me a roll with some Haitians so braff yeah / Get paid in six figure tell a b*tch ni**a / Next time address me by me last name,” Govana spits.

Govana has cemented himself as one of the leading artists of the current generation of dancehall acts. The 4th Genna deejay has been steadily building out his catalog over the past few years while showing both class and experience anytime he decides to put out a record.

Fivio Foreign spent the last decade steadily building a name for himself in the hip hop scene. He was originally known as Lite Fivio while rapping in the underground scene in New York, but would later change his name to Fivio Foreign in 2013. The move proved to be good for the now 31-year-old rapper who has since scored some big hits, including his appearance on Drake’s “Demons” last year, which peaked at 34 on the Hot 100 chart.

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50 Cent Confirms New Series ‘Confessions Of A Crime Queen’ Gets Green Light

50 Cent confirmed his new TV series Confessions Of A Crime Queen has been green light.

The iconic album that put 50 Cent on the map was Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and the rapper has stayed true to his motto. When his musical career slowed down, he found the next thing to bring in that paper, and as with just about anything he’s put his hands on, he was successful. You can now count 50 as a successful television producer as he will soon add another show to his already impressive string of flicks. This one is called Confessions Of A Crime Queen.

It’s a new true-crime anthology that he can add to his repertoire of productions that include the very successful Power, Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, For Life, and the upcoming BMF.

He broke the news on Instagram today that he’s been given the confirmation of the series to be produced on Discovery+. Online publication Deadline shared more about what to look out for in the upcoming series. According to them, each season will center around the life of a female “Crime Queen” who built a criminal empire before it all came crashing down. They also stated that a well-known actress considered A-list will portray the character who she will also study during the making of the show.

As he often does, 50 Cent took to Instagram to share his excitement with fans. “See this is the point you should realize I’m not playing, he captioned the post and added: “GREEN LIGHT GANG.”

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A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent)

He also revealed in another post that he’s moved from New York to Houston, probably to be closer to the filming of the shoot even though he didn’t explicitly say that. “Love NY, but i live in Houston now i’ll explain later,” he said before sharing a few screencaps from Deadline’s announcement.

Discovery also shared their excitement with getting the chance to work with the now in-demand television producer. Lisa Holme, the Group SVP Commercial Content and Strategy of Discovery+ said: “Discovery+ is delighted to partner with Curtis, G-Unit Film & Television, Goodbye Pictures and Lionsgate on this ambitious and innovative project. Combining our unparalleled home for original true crime content with his vision for how to tell these stories in a new way will give true crime fans a fresh perspective on the genre.”

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J Cole Teases His New Album “The Off-Season” Says He’s “Too Excited”

J. Cole’s highly anticipated new album “The Off-Season” may be coming soon.

The Dreamville rapper teases the forthcoming project on his Instagram story on Saturday, May 1, sending fans into a frenzy. J. Cole expressed his excitement and anticipation for the release of the album on social media, writing, “Just rode through the city to The Off-Season. Dawg…” also adding a facepalm emoji. “Too excited,” he said.

The rap community has been awaiting the album for some weeks after the “Work Out” rapper revealed that he was cooking up something great for fans in the studio some months ago.

J. Cole just posted this on IG ?

The Off-Season is really coming!!!!


— Team DREAMVILLE (@Team_Dreamville) May 1, 2021

DJ Akademiks had hinted that fellow rapper NBA YoungBoy was supposed to link with J.Cole sometime last month but did not show up. It has not yet been revealed which other artists will be featured on the project, as Cole seemed to have been so busy working that he did not reveal a lot of information about the album.

J. Cole has been wrapped up in recording the project for some months but had not revealed the official time set for the drop. Drizzy, however, was the person to inform the public about an album on the way, and whispers had emerged on social media from the camp. Still, neither Cole nor Kendrick had given any details of the project until now. Dreamville’s Bas had also revealed that the album would be coming in two weeks, just a few days ago.

Notably, three titles, including “It’s A Boy” and “The Fall Off,” were unveiled in a mysterious post shared to Cole’s Instagram. Some fans have speculated from these titles that the 36-year-old rapper might be retiring.

Nevertheless, fans are looking forward to the album drop in the coming weeks.

This month (May) is expected to be quite festive in the Hip Hop community. Just a few days ago, Top Dog Entertainment (TDE) had revealed that they have a major release come May 7th.

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Mavado Taps IVoltage For “Never Go Win”

A month after he gave fans the anthem “Never Give Up,” Mavado is back with another inspirational track. The artiste officially released his single “Never Go Win” on YouTube today (April 30).

Like “Never Give Up”, Mavado’s latest track gives off a reggae vibe and is all about the positive. The Tommy G production, which is distributed by Zojak Worldwide, also features upcoming artiste IVoltage.

The rhythm builds up slowly and features the harmony that complements Mavado’s smooth voice. Coupled with sharp and well-delivered lyrics from IVoltage, the song has hit potential.

The lyrics reference the troubles that the world has been facing in the past year, which should make it very relatable for those who’ve encountered struggles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the opening of the song, IVoltage says, “Whole heep a f***ery gwaan last year still enuh, yuh know,” and let’s just say we can all relate.

The song’s lyrics also pay homage to Mavado’s mother, who recently passed away when she died in hospital in March. The entertainer sings, “Mama though yuh gone, yuh legacy live on. Watch over yuh son, see when mi troubles a come.”

Ultimately it is a feel-good motivational song that will have listeners pressing the repeat button.

Fans have already started sharing positive reactions to the song. One YouTube user commented, “Dem neva go WIN. Another classic from the Gad.” A second user wrote, “Finally!!!!! From it preview me been a wait on it an gully gad neva disappoint.”

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NLE Choppa Speak Out After Brawl At Venice Beach: “I eat punches”

NLE Choppa and his crew were captured on camera beating down a man at Venice Beach and now he’s speaking out.

NLE Choppa is supposedly a changed man seeking a more spiritual path. He’s even let fans into his sort of Zen vegetable garden, showing a softer side of himself. Or at least that’s the new image that he’s trying to project, but it seems he still has quite a violent streak even though he might explain the issue differently. The 18-year-old was caught on tape recently getting into it during a physical altercation in Venice Beach. His entourage was part of the massive throwdown.

The video shows Choppa and his crew strolling the beach when they seem to get into an argument with another man. The issue got heated quickly, and violence ensued. In the video, the man was stopped with his scooter on the pedestrian path before getting into the altercation with the young rapper and his crew. Choppa gets extremely agitated and tries to evade his security detail to try and throw a punch. Not long after, the rapper and his entire crew were seen beating down on the man. The saddest part of the video is that the man is by himself. People who gathered at the scene implored the group to stop the fight because it wasn’t a fair one.

It’s not possible to make out what started the fight from the video. However, according to NLE Choppa, the issue had to do with the man in the video being a fan and asking for a picture. Choppa refused, and according to him, the fight broke out.

“Damn y’all never got hit in a fight before ? bruh asked for picture I said no I’m enjoying my self and I get called scary and a bitch. I make sure I take pictures with every fan but some days I just be trying to chill and get disrespected in the process,” he explained on Twitter.

Damn y’all never got hit in a fight before ? ? bruh asked for picture I said no I’m enjoying my self and I get called scary and a bitch. I make sure I take pictures with every fan but some days I just be trying to chill and get disrespected in the process

— NLE Choppa (@Nlechoppa1) May 3, 2021

In another update, he tweeted: “And I eat punches ask bout me. Imma rush you take what you got to give and resume beating some. Honestly ain’t wanna fight I was just tryna walk the beach.”

And I eat punches ask bout me. Imma rush you take what you got to give and resume beating some. Honestly ain’t wanna fight I was just tryna walk the beach ?????

— NLE Choppa (@Nlechoppa1) May 3, 2021

The “Top Shotta” rapper has been having a rough time as of late. Just a little over a month ago, in late March, he was arrested on multiple charges. Following his arrest, he claimed that he was set up by the police, who he accused of planting drugs on him.

The Memphis native was arrested in Davie, Florida, and charged with carrying a concealed firearm, possession of Xanax, possession of cannabis, and burglary of an unoccupied structure. Police said they made the arrest after seeing what looked like a deal going down on a live camera feed.

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Moneybagg Yo’s Mother Battling Covid-19 & Pneumonia, Send Him Some Prayers

Moneybagg Yo reveals his mother his battling Covid-19 and pneumonia.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the globe, the entertainment industry worldwide is still grappling with the effects. The virus has affected more than 151 million people and is the cause of death for over 3.17 million in just over a year. Despite some entertainers mourning the loss of profits, the deepest fear is for family and friends who may be at risk if they contract the virus.

Today fans and friends are offering prayers to Moneybagg Yo and his family. The Memphis rapper revealed that his mother had contracted the deadly virus and is struggling with pneumonia.

On Friday Moneybagg Yo shared the news on Twitter saying, “Dam mane how df My mama got COVID and pneumonia smh I need y’all prayers right now.”

While the post garnered a lot of prayers from his supporters, some fans used the opportunity to remind Moneybagg Yo of the sentiments he shared earlier this year about enjoying the pandemic because of the financial windfall he brought to him and a lot of other people.

Moneybagg wrote, “Not gone lie I made a couple Ms in da pandemic, ion want it to end.” In another tweet, he added, “I feel like the pandemic help a lot of people.”

But after catching backlash, the rapper retracted the statements, saying, “I apologize to everybody I offended my comment was very insensitive it was not my intent to hurt anyone.”

Still, some members of the public have neither forgiven nor forgotten the statements. One person reacted, “You said you liked the pandemic ….remember,” and another said, “Didn’t he just brag about liking the pandemic a month ago.”

Still, some social media users were quick to remember that his mother is still just another human at risk despite what the rapper had said. “Sending prayer his way because covid & pneumonia together is VERY SERIOUS!!” One person said.

Pneumonia is an infection that inflames the tiny air sacs inside the lungs. The air sacs may fill up with fluid and pus that make it hard to breathe. The infection may also cause a cough, chest pain, fever, and chills. Pneumonia is considered to be one of the most adverse and severe effects of the coronavirus, especially for older people with underlying medical problems.

Moneybagg Yo did not reveal whether or not his mother was admitted to the hospital or any other details regarding her condition, but the “Time Today” rapper’s plea for prayer is enough to get the public’s attention and overall support.

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DJ Khaled & Kanye West Played Each Other Their Albums Over Eggs And Ketchup

Kanye West and DJ Khaled met up on Wednesday morning at his house as he played his upcoming album Khaled Khaled for the rap legend to hear.

In a post on Instagram, DJ Khaled posted that he listened to Kanye’s music, and Kanye West also listened to his upcoming album, which drops on Friday, April 30.

“KANYE popped up at my house the other day at 8 AM! I did not know he was coming! He played me his music and I played him #KHALEDKHALED He also ask my chef @chefmelissazuniga for some eggs and ketchup. TRUE STORY,” he wrote on Instagram.

While the video doesn’t appear to be dated, Kanye can be seen still wearing a wedding band while he rocks his head to the music. In the background, Khaled mimics a choir director as a choir can be heard singing. It appears this is the Jamaican choir that will feature on the album. DJ Khaled had teased a video of the choir where he stood amongst them as they sang.

Meanwhile, Kanye’s long-awaited album Donda is the rapper’s 10th studio album that has been in production from 2018. It was scheduled for release in 2020 but was pushed back due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The album was previewed on July 13, 2020, when Kanye shared a track from the album that featured a spoken word introduction from his beloved deceased mother, Donda West. The album is named after her.

No new release date has been given for Ye’s upcoming album.

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Jay-Z Says He Wants To Be The Bob Marley Of Hip Hop

Jay-Z says he would like to be remembered among the greats like reggae legend Bob Marley.

While the social media era has oversaturated the market with stars these days, and it has become easier to achieve fame, there still exists a disparity and certain levels of stardom that many can only dream of attaining. It may not be as difficult as it was in the past to become somewhat of a household name but to earn the title of a global star with an undying legacy is still no easy feat.

Some late celebrities from the entertainment world who will forever be in a class of their own, including Michael Jackson and Bob Marley, are still revered as astronomical figures whose success continues to inspire many generations after them. Even today’s biggest stars can only hope to leave such a legacy and go down in history as one of the greatest to ever do it.

In a rare interview with The Sunday Times, rap and business mogul Jay-Z talked about many things, including how the pandemic has affected him and his family’s connection as well as how he hopes to be remembered after he is gone. “I have no idea,” Hov began. “I’m not beyond ego, right? Hopefully, they speak of me [with] the names of Bob Marley and all the greats. But that’s not for me to say.”

Jay-Z has attained an inspirational lot and knocked down many goals over the course of his illustrious career. Already he is known as one of the most successful industry men in today’s society in many regards, whether it be for his billionaire status or his accomplishments as a business titan and hip-hop icon. Still, he hopes that all his achievements will be enough for him to be a staple in the history books as one of the greats.

During his interview with The Sunday Times, Jay also talked about how much more connected he and his family – his wife Beyoncé and their three children have become since the pandemic. “In the beginning, it was time for everyone to sit down and really connect, and really focus on family and being together, and take this time to learn more about each other,” he explained. “And then, as it wore on, it’s like, ‘OK, all right, what is the new normal?’ If anything came from this, it’s that we have to recognize that we’re all connected. It’s a metaphor for how connected we are.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jay-Z also dispelled rumors that he had purchase DMX’s masters to gift it to the departed rapper’s children. “No one has bought Earl’s masters,” the rapper clarified. “Additionally, we are not selling any merch or raising money for Earl’s funeral. If anyone is requesting for money for his funeral please be aware the person is a scammer. We will keep the public posted on funeral/memorial service arrangements.”

Jay-Z is known as one of the greats in the music industry right now but do you think he will be remembered as such – regarded in widespread discourse as parallel to the likes of Bob Marley?

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Charly Black’s 2017 Song “You’re Perfect” Gets New Life On Tik Tok

Social media site Tik Tok has been breathing new life into old tracks for many artists since emerging on the scene in 2017. Jamaican deejay Charly Black is the latest to benefit from the trend as his track “You’re Perfect” has been gaining a lot of attention in recent times. It was released in 2017 and produced by TJ Records. The track is being used for a dance challenge on Tik Tok and has given the artists a significant increase in streaming numbers.

The platinum-selling deejay spoke with THE STAR about this newfound popularity and expressed how happy he was that his music was getting some international appreciation. He did admit, however, that he did not expect the rise in numbers.

“Music sometimes can be about a song growing on people and so timing is very important. To be honest, everywhere I go all over the world, it’s one of the songs in my catalogue that gets the most love. People have really been enjoying You’re Perfect since it got released, but I never thought it really got the justice it deserved, so I guess that’s what’s happening now with the TikTok ting,” he said.

He added that he is committed to putting out good quality music and that he doesn’t feel that he’s entitled to have big hits. His focus remains on putting out music that fans will enjoy and appreciate.

“All I can do is put out songs that I love and hope the fans and music lovers feel the same way. TikTok has the ability to make hits in terms of organic growth that starts from the platform, and we have already seen a big spike in streams since the track started going viral,” he continued.

The song has always been one of the standouts in his catalog and has an impressive 15 million views on YouTube. A lot of the new views and comments have come following his Tik Tok success. Many of the hundreds of new comments come from people who heard about the song through TikTok.

Linton ‘TJ’ White of TJ Records also spoke with THE STAR about the delayed success of the track.

“Producing quality music is my purpose, and I take time to perfect my work and deliver quality music as it’s a reflection of me. With that said, timing is very important, and music is about a song growing on people. When a song that already has an international appeal reaches its intended audience and connects, that’s perfection,” he said.

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Mo3 Murder Suspect Reportedly Upset Over Rapper Dating His Girlfriend

Violence hit the Hip-Hop community heavily last year. One of the beloved rappers who lost his life was Dallas native Mo3. As the murder case is set to begin, more information about what may have been the motive is coming to light.

Information that The Dallas Morning News seems to have acquired indicates that 28-year-old Devin Maurice Brown, the second man to be charged with Mo3’s murder, told prosecutors that he was aware that the rapper was seeing “a known witness” and admitted that he was upset over a video posted on Facebook which allegedly featured Mo3 and the unidentified woman. He also proclaimed his innocence and said that he had nothing to do with the fatal shooting.

Brown was indicted on murder charges for the death of the Mo3 last Wednesday, April 21.

The “Can I Vent” rapper, who was also an affiliate of Boosie, was shot and killed on a freeway in his hometown. About three weeks later, a grand jury indicted Kewon Dontell White in connection with the murder. If convicted, White faces up to 10 years in federal prison, and Brown faces up to 20 on both the drug and gun charges.

Other reports that came to light after his murder revealed that the phone records showed numerous calls between Brown and 22-year-old Kewon Dontrell White on the day before, as well as the same day Mo3 was shot by White. Other information coming to light indicated that cellphone data was able to place White near the apartment where Mo3 stayed the night before he was killed. It also placed White in the area on the day he was shot. White is listed as the gunman in the arrest affidavit.

Brown is also facing additional charges after officers searched his home following the shooting and discovered a stolen AK-47, synthetic cannabinoids, a bottle of pills that tested positive for meth, numerous scales, and baggies, plus more than $3,200 in cash.

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Young Thug & Gunna Pay It Forward Post Bonds For 30 Inmates In Atlanta

Young Thug and Gunna spent their weekend bailing out inmates from jail in Atlanta.

Thirty inmates from the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta reunited with their families last weekend, thanks to rappers Young Thug and Gunna. The rappers paid it forward when they covered the bail bonds of the inmates who were in jail for minor infractions of the law. The lucky group consisted of both men and women who were unable to secure bail because they had no money.

While they did not reveal how much was spent on the initiative, the rappers’ label, YSL Records, revealed footage showcasing the moment when the thirty inmates were released from the jail. The video captured several emotional reunions with families and their formerly incarcerated loved ones.

The former inmates will reportedly be featured in a music video with Gunna and Young Thug for one of the songs on Thug’s “Slime Language 2” album, released on April 16.

Speaking in an interview on Sunday with WSB-TV, Young Thug told reporters, “We just woke up and went to the jail with the lawyer and you know DA’s and the prosecutors, you know, the bonding companies and just got as many people as we can out.”

Meantime, Gunna expressed concern about the high cost of bonds for some of the crimes committed.

He said, “There was people sitting out three or four years and couldn’t get out on a bond. If they did the crime, then they can do the time, then it’s all right. But it’s like you’re giving them a bond higher than what they stole.”

The rappers themselves are no strangers to jail, having run afoul of the law several times. Young Thug has spent time in jail on drug-related and illegal firearm charges, while Gunna has spent time for possession of a controlled substance.

The commendable move from Young Thug and Gunna comes at a time when the Fulton County Jail is housing 400 more inmates than its actual capacity of 2,500, making life extremely miserable for the inmates. The rappers revealed that they plan on repeating the good deed in the future while expressing hope that other rappers will come on board and follow their lead.

Gunna and Young Thug said most of them were being held on minor offenses but couldn’t get out because they didn’t have the money.

“You never know what somebody been through. There was people sitting out three or four years and couldn’t get out on a bond.”

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) April 26, 2021

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Stylo G Rebuked Male Fan Who Jumped On Stage & Gift Kids

An exuberant male fan who jumped on stage while Stylo G was performing in the Gambia had to be rebuked after the artiste declared he was not into men and wouldn’t tolerate a man jumping onto his hip.

A video of the incident shared by the artiste shows him in all while deejaying with the fans repeating after him when he stops suddenly as he notices a fan jump over the barrier and run towards the stage.

As if anticipating the fan’s next moves, Stylo G quickly removes his dark shades and hops off the stage as he escapes the fan, who arrives with his arms outstretched, no doubt about to smother the artiste.

The young man dressed in t-shirt and slacks is quickly hefted off the stage by bodyguards while Stylo says “tek the man offa the stage, you know mi nuh run dem man a jump pan man on stage joke, you know mi nuh run dem man a jump pan man stage joke deh,” he says as fans erupt in laughter.

In sharing, the UK-based artiste said he “did affi look good if a man or woman,” in reference to him removing shades as he quickly ascertained his next move. He was responding to a fan commenting on the video, “it’s the way you took the glasses off n jumped in style.”

Meanwhile, some folks on the thread criticized Stylo G for running away. One Gambian fan said, “he was not going to hurt you him like you and wann give you a hug, then the next day he will be happy that he touched you on stage. We never hurt an artist here. Ask @mavadogully,” he said.

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A post shared by Stylo G??W??A??R??N??G (@officialstylog)

While Gambians felt slighted by the move, Stylo seems to be saying that he had an issue with the male being up close and personal as he hashtagged the video “#socialdistance mi G.”

In the meantime, Jamaican fans of the artiste defended him as they noted not only was there a pandemic in full swing but the fact that Jamaican culture views a man jumping on another man as “fruity.”

A few years ago, Christopher Martin suffered an embarrassing fate as one male fan escaped security and grabbed him and gyrated on him in a sexual way.

The offended artiste explained that while he loves his fans, that is not something he can tolerate. The incident reportedly happened in Kenya, and the artiste said, “tek time, don’t wine pan mi bwoy yuh mad a b***dcl***t, it’s all love Nairobi…he can hug me, but I don’t want him to do this on me,” Martin said as he gyrated his waist in a sexually suggestive way.

Back in the day, a similar incident also occurred to the great Shabba Ranks. While Gambians might be touchy-feely with other men but not have any sexual intention, Jamaican men are very serious about the perception of being gay and would go to great lengths to not have to engage men in their space, whether sexual or non-sexual.

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Shaneil Muir Unbothered By Fans Calling Her “Ass-ets” Flat

Shaneil Muir is unbothered by some fans calling her butt flat.

One of the things social media users have majored in since its inception is berating each other whenever a chance presents itself. The supposed thrill and power garnered from verbally butchering someone online has given rise to ‘trolls.’ Celebrities have been made to face the brunt of the shade-throwing, jeering, and outright ridiculing that this elite group has dished out. There seems to have been an increase in the criticizing of one’s choice of clothing, hairstyle, and with the growing obsessions of one’s body, body shaming.

Earlier this week, “Top Gyal” entertainer Shaneil Muir was on the receiving end of a body-shaming debacle. The singer was apparently out having fun at the Bahia Principe Grand Hotel in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, when she posted some photos of herself to her adoring fans.

Her supporters forwarded heaps of praises about her physique and overall confidence as she donned a skimpy one-piece swimsuit. All was well until one internet troll decided to change course with the comment “butt kind of flat.”

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A post shared by TOP GYAL ? (@shaneilmuir)

She, of course, did not take kindly to this and clapped back at the troll, “just like yuh bank account.” In a follow-up post, she said, “Me no trouble people eno but I love to make examples like maths class ??.” With all this exchange going on, she reminded fellow females to “embrace” the body they were born in.

Shaneil took to Instagram later in the day, where she shared a photo-shopped version of one of the photos in question, which shows her derriere much more protruded than before. She captioned the photo, “Me do me body now. Uno good now? Or it would wah fix more?”

This photo, of course, provided some good comic relief for her followers. We are just happy things did not escalate any further, and thankfully Shaneil was able to make light of the matter.

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50 Cent Packing His Bags And Heading To Texas Amid New COVID Announcement

50 Cent is seriously considering migrating to Texas after the state governor lifts the pandemic restrictions all entire.

Most states are still enforcing covid-19 restrictions to mitigate the spread of the virus. While the situation isn’t the most ideal for civilians desperate to resume their social lives, the measures are only in place for their safety. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday the reopening of businesses in the state “one hundred percent” and the lifting of the mask mandate. It’s safe to say that it will be business as usual for Texans as they reintegrate into a semi-normal society.

This decision was particularly appealing to 50 Cent, who is now considering moving to the Lone Star state. Taking to social media to share the news along with his thoughts, 50 Cent posted a screenshot of the headline. In the caption, he wrote, “I’m headed to Texas f*ck this,” the rapper wrote with the running emoji. “LOL,” he added. 50 Cent has always lived in the tri-state area and has never given any indication of moving to another state even when he complained about the high state taxes in New York. It’s very doubtful that he is serious about moving to Texas.

A majority of the opinions shared online are not in agreement with the decision to re-open non-essential businesses in Texas. Only a modicum of the population has already been vaccinated, and though the president announced that there will be enough for every American over the course of the next few months, there is still room for a spike.

Whether there is congruence or not, the decision has been made, and Texas is officially the first state to relieve the public of the requirement to wear a mask and grant business owners permission to resume operations.

50 Cent is clearly for it, but most people are against it in this stage of the pandemic. What say you?

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Teejay & Vybz Kartel Chronicles Poverty & Crime In “Pressure” Video

Teejay and Vybz Kartel drops off their new collaboration, “Pressure,” and so far, the reviews have been good.

Like so many of his recent collaborations, Teejay never disappoints with this one and never gets overshadowed, given he is on the same track with one of the biggest artists in dancehall currently, Vybz Kartel. The Top Braff Music-produced single saw the two hitmakers trading punchline about the hardships ghetto youths face daily.

“Need help, So much pressure to bear, Jah Jah wash away everything, Wash away my fears,” Teejay and Kartel sing over the catchy hook.

The accompanying music video perfectly chronicles life of poverty, poor health, and violence in the ghetto. The Lagikz Supreme-directed cut saw a young boy tending to his sick grandmother by ensuring she gets her medication. After giving her the last pill, he promised to go and buy some refills, but while hanging out with his friends on the street corner, a lone gunman walked up to the group and started firing, hitting him. The teenager ended up passing away from his injuries.

“Thank you Jah, It’s a miracle me still here, Me go through so much in my life, Bare trial and tribulation, Gh?tto youth like we been through so much, Peopl? have a hopeless life, Suicide ‘pon them mind, do you blame them,” Kartel deejay.

Despite being incarcerated for a decade, Vybz Kartel still maintains a firm grip on the dancehall throne. The former Portmore Empire leader’s work ethic has never wavered, considering he cannot record music in prison legally.

Teejay is a dancehall superstar in his own right after steadily building out a solid catalog for himself over the past few years.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Sued By Security Company For Unpaid Fees, His Opps Predicted It

Tekashi 6ix9ine is being sued by a security company that formerly provided personal protection to the controversial rapper.

A lawsuit filed on Mondays revealed details that the security company that duly protected 69 in 2018, prior to getting arrested, have not been paid services owed by the rapper. Tekashi is best known for rap and also for his recent court case in which he is accused of famously snitching on various other rappers in the industry, squealing on others as part of a plea deal for lesser time.

The Company Metropolitan Patrol says they are owed monies for 11 days of service in 2018. According to TMZ, the timeline by the company coincide with paparazzi photos taken of 6ix9ine in Los Angeles surrounded by bodyguards who are almost twice the size of the bite-sized rapper.

The contract, according to the security company, is for 24-hour armed security and has a roster of detailed activities they worked at a day rate of $85 per hour and a nightly rate of $127.50 per hour. Among the package of services offered at armored vehicles- fully equipped Yukon with ballistic panels and police-style vehicles that included sirens and other equipment prepared for pretty much any scenario which can arise due to the rapper’s continuous beef and contentious personality.

The total owed to the company is $75,165, which Tekashi 6ix9ine has refused to pay. The company is seeking the amount in damages as well as interest and legal fees, which rounds off to $88,000.

Meanwhile, Tekashi’s Attorney-at-law Lance Lazzaro says that the rapper has nothing to do with the security company. In fact that his booking agency at the time is the one responsible for the outstanding payments, and that Metropolitan’s beef is actually with MTA Bookings, not 69.

Since coming out of jail, the rapper has been mired in controversy, including his latest gimmick, which included an alleged attempt, according to Meek Mill, to bait him into a fight in order to cause Mill to be sent to jail. Meek has said Tekashi 6ix9ine is working for federal authorities and that he was trying to get him into a fight so that he could be arrested and sent to jail. Meek Mill is no longer under probation but having spent a good chunk of his adulthood under court supervision, he intends to remain off the radar and vows never to go back to jail. His last case last 12 years.

OMB Peezy Arrested For Roddy Ricch & 42 Dugg’s Video Shooting In Atlanta

OMB Peezy was arrested and charged in connection with the shooting at Roddy Ricch’s video shoot.

Alabama rapper OMB Peezy is facing criminal charges following a shooting incident that took place on February 21 at the site of a music video shoot in Atlanta for Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg. According to reports, the 24-year-old rapper is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as well as possession of a firearm during a felony.

The incident took place on Sunday, February 21, at a steelyard in Atlanta, where a music video was being filmed for Roddy Ricch and 42 Dugg. Early reports suggested that the shooter was unknown, while it was confirmed that neither rapper was involved nor were they harmed. Three people were left injured from the shooting, including Antoine Blake, 25, and Vernon Moulder, 29, who were reported to be in stable condition.

The third person was believed by paramedics to have been cut by debris from the shooting. Both 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch later took to social media to relieve fans who were worried that they’d been harmed. It is not confirmed that either of them was even present on set at the time the shooting actually took place.

A source told WSB-TV Atlanta that gunshots rang out abruptly, causing a crowd of approximately 50 people to disperse. “Everyone started running, trying to get out. Or take cover, lot of places to take cover in there,” the source said. When officers arrived, a man was detained for drug possession, but there were no shooting suspects. OMB Peezy, who is now being charged with the crime, is currently being held in custody at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.

OMB Peezy remains behind bars and photo of him from his first court appearance is making the rounds. The image shows the Alabama rapper wearing a jumpsuit and a mask.

The rapper is slated to release his album Too Deep For Tears this Friday (March 5).